No. 360Candidate’s site is directed to both companies (internal recruiters and Human Resource professionals) and third party recruiters. In fact, most of the verbiage is directed to a “recruiter” generally which refers to either an internal or external recruiter.

Yes. Each position that is being screened through the 360Candidate service is fully customizable with regard to information that a candidate provides which includes responsive videos, independent third-party references, detailed written responses to specific job performance questions, social graph aggregation, transcripts, brag-books, and much more. See Product.

After the end of the 90 day free trial period, you will be charged a monthly fee based on the number of current active positions. Such fee is charged monthly, in advance and is non-refundable. Continued access to the candidate questionnaire, the collection of the responses from the candidates, the collection of the third party references, the ability to socialize the resulting candidate profiles among the hiring team and access to the candidate profiles is conditioned upon your ongoing payment of the applicable monthly fee. A recruiter is able to stop future payments at any time though cancelation of the active position(s), but this will result in no further access to the position and/or candidate profiles. See Fees.

No. The candidate will not be able to see the responses of any third party reference.

360Candidate provides each candidate the ability to either upload or capture a video response. The main reason to allow for such flexibility is that each candidate may not have access to a computer which has a built in camera needed to allow the capture.

The “Actions” button is dynamic and on each web page that it is viewable there can be one or several actions that help navigate the site.

No. At any time during a recruiter’s initial access to the candidate’s profiles, the recruiter can continue to add additional candidate into the process up to the maximum of 50 candidates. Such functionality would be accessed through the “Actions” button on the web page detailing the applicable position being screened.

No. Each candidate sets up an account with a password that gives the candidate the ability to come back to to add additional information to the questionnaire. Please note that references are automatically contacted after the candidate has inserted the applicable information (name and email) and clicks to the next step. Even after the “Submit” button has been pressed the candidate can still add additional information including additional references.