About Us

We think hiring can be significantly more efficient and result in better hiring decisions.

360Candidate is an online screening service that companies and recruiters everywhere can use to empower educated and collaborative decisions about candidates with a significantly positive ROI.

A traditional resume only gives a narrow glimpse into a candidate based solely on educational and employment history. While these factors are obviously important, no hiring decision is ever made on these factors alone.

Real world hiring decisions are based on many other measures and factors including cultural fit, professionalism, business acumen, integrity, writing and verbal abilities, etc. – none of which can be gleaned from a traditional resume. Human Resource departments, recruiters and hiring teams spend hours upon hours trying to assess these criteria through phone calls and in-person meetings all of which are very time consuming and non-collaborative.

360Candidate breaks these inefficiencies by revolutionizing the screening process and empowering educated and collaborative decisions about candidates based on robust candidate portfolios, including responsive videos, independent third-party references, detailed written responses to specific job performance questions, social graph aggregation, transcripts, brag-books, and much more.

Companies and recruiters are able to control what is collected from candidates through a simple, yet flexible and dynamic questionnaire, resulting in candidate profiles that can be socialized among all constituents from HR managers, recruiters, decision makers and executives.

Founded in 2012, 360Candidate is composed of an energetic team with significant experiences with hiring processes at small start-ups to large publicly traded companies. 360Candidate is located in Los Angeles.